May 11, 2013

My Chickens: How a hen lays an egg. An eyewitness account.

Well, today I have a challenge. I have to complete two dozen eggs. Then I my friend will buy them. I can start a good business with this! But first things first. My girls must lay four more eggs today to complete the 2nd dozen.   
I got up real early this morning and was able to witness both Bluey and what's-her-name lay an egg! It was fascinating!
I'm sure all my chicken-lover friends know all about how they lay eggs, but just for my other pals, I'll describe what it was like.  

  1. The hen goes and walks around in the nesting box, carefully shaping the nesting material to fit snugly around her.
  2. She lays in the box fox a while(in my case, an hour)and warns the other hens that this is her box. Sometimes she gets pecked.
  3. When she is ready, she squats and stays very still. The other hens usually do not bother her now.
  4. And the egg is out!
  5. Then she may sit on it, if she's broody, but Bluey does this: She slowly walks out, throwing bits of saw dust over  her shoulder. It's really cute.

Well, there you are! Oh! Chestnut has just layed an egg! Gotta go! I may get another dozen yet!


  1. It is so fascinating to watch them lay eggs! I just listened to one of my girls sing the "egg song" for about 10 minutes after her egg came out. Too funny. Hope you get enough eggs to sell! :)

  2. I love the egg song, they are so proud :D

    I'm just glad I don't have to lay an egg everyday, ouch!

    Good luck with your challenge! xx

    1. I love comments and I love eggs!! And I did complete the challenge.


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