Mar 20, 2013

My Chickens: The Easiest Pets/Poultry!

I found out that chickens are the easiest pets/poultry to take care of. You don't need as much prep as you think. When I got mine, it was just a spur-of-the-moment idea.   I just thought ' Hey I'll get some chicks!' and I did. I brought them home and put them on the porch, as it was the warmest, safest, place. At first the little dollies lived in a cardboard box, which I thought was inescapable.  Then one morning, Bam! Chicks everywhere! Inside my shoes, in the feed bag, and on the coats! Their wing feathers had come in and they were using them! I rounded them up and shoved them back in their box, but that didn't stop the little rouges, they were making a mess!    Finally, I decided they were going to have to live with my guineas,Mother and Father, out in the henhouse like real chickens.  At  first  I thought the guineas would hurt the chicken babies, but they were great parents! Sure, they pecked one or two, but after that they wouldn't let me near their adopted chicks. I fed the guineas wild bird seed and the chicks Starter/Grower. They grow fast!! Soon they were almost as big as Mother and Father. Then the young roosters started trying to mate with Mother. They would wait 'till the Father was out in the yard, then grab Mother's pore  head and pulling until she lay down. It was so sad to witness. I never let them succeed in mating though. The Father couldn't do any thing to protect  her; he was very old.  But I think I did a good job. The chicks kept growing.
Here is another great website to check out! click right here! And this blog is also a chicken-lover treat!         

                              Soon I will write about how the guineas layed their first egg, and how I found it.
                                              Also, will be the story of the fox and the lost(and found)chick.


  1. We love chickens to! We have 4 white leghorns and 2 brown ones (I forgot what they are called). :)

  2. My chickens were the joy of my childhood as well, Maddie! So happy you've found that same excitement. They have such big personalities!

  3. I do not have chickens but you make it sound so easy and simple that anyone could do it! Thanks you!

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  5. Thanks every one! You're too kind!---Leghorns are so cute. Maybe I should get one some time.


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