Mar 23, 2013

My Chickens:The Lost-and-Found Chick.

......As I was saying, it took a long time to find those chicks.............Okay, Pecky-Pully and half of them fairly flew into the hen house, but others weren't so easy. Their instinct had driven them into the most remote hiding spots. A hen in the trash-can, a rooster in the pool(don't worry;it was empty), two crouching in the brier patch, and so on. I counted off the ones I found: Peck-Pully:check, Peanut:check, Deadbirdie....AAAAAGH!!!! Where was Deadbirdie!!?? Whew! There he was, behind the pool. Okay, Bluey:check, Zesty:check,Nubbs:check,Sweetie-pie:check(he was one of the two in the brier patch),Chestnut....YEEEEEK!!!! Were was Chestnut!!?? She didn't appear as quickly as Deadbirdie had. I looked every where. She was the second-to-last chick to be found. The other one, still missing, was Little-Guy(who was actually a girl),the Rhode Island Red. I finally found her, creeping back in the direction of the hen house, a quarter of a mile in the woods.  I let her in before starting to look for Chestnut again. First I called her,"Chick-chick-chickie!!" She didn't come.  The other chicks squawked for their lunch, so I fed them and continued my search. I couldn't find her. Then a horrible thought hit me, what if the fox had killed her in the first place, and taken her.   It was too terrible to think of.  Finally, I had to give up; she wasn't anywhere, or I would of found her by now.  Slowly, I headed toward the back door. I was shocked to a stand-still: there was Chestnut, sitting on the window sill!!!  I rejoiced and brought her to the hen house.         I hadn't suffered any losses to the fox!!! What could be better than that!!?? 
" Take THAT, fox!!!!" I shouted at the woods.                                                                                                                        

 Weeks later, my fox was sighted, dead, on the road side. At least that was taken care of. Now it couldn't feast on any other neighboring flocks. How's that for a problem solved?  Has a fox or raccoon or other vermin ever gotten into your yard and massacred your flock?                                                                                                                                                                                               

Soon I will write about The Gift Hens and the Horrid Rooster, Chester.  Here's another chicken blog!                                               


  1. Great adventures. Glad we got the chickens even though I am still a little nervous around them.


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