Mar 30, 2013

My Chickens: The Flock Dwindles.

My flock was in danger, now that I knew it was END. Pecky-pully died. Sweetiepie died. Wessy died. Gorgeous died. The list goes on and on. Almost every day I was burying some one. Then I notice, Deanie, my favorite little rooster, was drooping. Not Deanie! I thought. I loved him more than any of them; he was the sweetest. He was so good, he would even sleep on my lap.                      
I played with him every spare second I could.
And let him sleep on my lap for hours without disturbing him.
And he died.
And I buried him.
And life went on for me...
while death went on in the coop.
The next day, Arugana died. The day after that, Deadbirdie became a dead birdie. Even Chester died. I will admit that I cried a little when my girlie Peanut passed.
It was a horrible thing, but it did solve the problem of the over stuffed hen house. God takes care of things in His own ways.No matter how terrible it,
seemed, the END unstuffed the hen house that wasn't supposed to hold that amount of chickens.
Or guineas, either, for the Mother and the Father both caught it, too, and died.
What did that leave me with?
Eleven chicken survived and recuperated: Zesty, Cranky, Spider, Half'n'half, Little Lady, Bluey, Chestnut, Puffy Lady, Baby Juicey, Dusty-dirty, and Nubbs.  All Hens. (Wow, He ridded me of unwanted roosters, too.)

Soon I will write about I Start Over. To start over with your own flock, click here.

Deadbirdie was loved by all.

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