Mar 31, 2013

My Chickens: I Start Over.

What a disaster way to solve an issue! Well, here I am; eleven chickens left. The hen house filled perfectly and all my girlies healthy and fat.(Kind of ironic,don't you think?) They aren't laying yet, but I certainly don't care.
All that matters to me is that they're alive.
Today Zesty was being sweet and funny; tilting her little head to watch the migratory birds returning. 
I think she's my new favorite. I LOVELOVELOVE my chickens!!!!!!!! They, there isn't any way to describe them, actually.  But they're AWESOME CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! 
 If you don't have chickens[yet]you should totally get some!!!!
They are fun, and sweet, and very useful.
They give eggs and take bugs.
What a great deal!

Soon I will write about The Eggs(fertile[?]). This blog rocks, too!

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