Mar 25, 2013

My Chickens: The Gift Hens and the Horrid Rooster.

I was sure the excitement was over, until...."Here's the chickens," my grandparents said, placing the totes inside the hen house.  "Are you sure they're okay in there?" I asked.  "Oh, yeah, they're fine," they replied.---Their neighbors were moving and had asked if I wanted their 8 chickens. Of course I had! So here they were.--- I opened the first tote.  Two elderly Rhode island reds and a pretty Easter Egger were inside, panting fit to burst. "Aw! So cute! She looks like Deadbirdie!" I said, talking about the Easter Egger. "I'll name her Arugana!"  One of the Rhode reds I named Nemo(because of her tiny deformed wing) turned out to already have a name. "Her name's Special Edna." my grandmother said. I opened the next tote.  This one contained an elderly brown hen, two shiny black hens, a Plymouth rock hen, and--oh, the horror--an enormous Rhode island red rooster. He was huge!    "Um, you didn't tell me there was a rooster," I said, nervously.   "I thought you knew," they replied. I returned their totes and they left[me with the gruesome rooster].              I knew immediately he was not going to be nice. I was right. He attacked the guineas mercilessly, nearly killing the Father. I  kept him outside until the Father recovered, but now I wasn't going to put him back in there. No way. What to do? Heavy as the beast was, I grabbed him and shoved him in a large rabbit hutch I had.  That wouldn't work; it was too close to the house and his crowing would wake me up(but wasn't that a rooster's job?). I then had to lug him all the way to hutch #2, which was closer to the woods.  That worked fine, and he wasn't crammed at all, as it was a large hutch.  Yes! Problem solved! (Even though the hen house was kind of over filled.)  I was glad to get more eggs from the elderly hens. Edna was so old I was sure she wouldn't last many more years......................I was right
Soon I will write about Edna gets ENDed. Click here for some fun!

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