Apr 1, 2013

My Chickens: The Eggs(Fertile[?]).

It was an early spring day when the eggs arrived. A friend had offered some fertile eggs, and I didn't refuse them.
I went out, got a incubator(the foam kind),and accepted the eggs.Two were blue Ameraucanas, one was a speckle Sussex, and the rest were Rhode Island reds. After fighting with the temperature(too hot, then too cold), I filled the water troughs in the bottom and set the eggs inside. They warmed up quickly and I watched to be sure the temperature didn't change on me. It went up and down and I kept adjusting it(which is something you should NEVER do). I was getting frustrated. 
I should of left it alone and done something else, but I was worried it would get too cold or hot. You can't blame me; I didn't know much about incubating.  Anyway, the chicks seemed to be growing and moving on day thirteen when I candled them. I didn't really expect any to hatch(but that's a different story).
I kept turning and adjusting and watching my chicks.
Praying for a good hatch.
The stinking incubator kept going up and down like a temperature roller coaster. I was a nervous wreak, constantly running in to check on it. I really should of left it alone. The dummy. I am embarrassed to admit that I even named the incubator   Mr. Untrustfull. Heh heh. I'm going crazy! Oh well, untrust worthy, or not, the eggs were fine.
They grew, and soon it was........LOCKDOWN!

Soon I will write about LOCKDOWN Peeps.  
To win a great candler, click right here and comment on Lisa's post about candling.

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