Jun 4, 2013

My Chickens: The Chicks Survived the night!

First of all, I've decided to call Sally, Sammy, just to clear things up. And Deanie is now Jeannie, Jackdaw is Jackie.  The chicks are big and covered in glossy, black(Sammy is white and brown, and Jeannie is red)feathers.
Last night I put them in with the big hens and they were bullied, as usual, although Sweetiepie tried to fight back to defend "his" girlies.  Sammy made no such effort and only tried to saved his own skin. Later in the day, when the hens started going to roost, the chicks were utterly confused and began to run around, searching for a way out of this strange, huge prison.  When I came in to check if they were sleeping, they ran to me and tried to cuddle in my lap. I sat with them for a while, then placed them up on the roost next to Zesty, who did not peck them.  Jeannie was content to sleep on my shoulder, but i managed to get her on the      roost. When they had settled down, I left.
At around 8:39pm, I ran out in the dusk to check one more time.
I saw THE sweetest thing in the world!  Gracie was perched on Zesty's back, sleeping!
Zesty gave me a look that said:
*groan* "The things I put up with!"
I love that hen!

Cute O!!!


  1. poor baby chicks in a big scary world! cute that you have a sweet hen! :)

    thanks for finding my spot and leaving a comment! good luck to the little ones!

    p.s. did you know you have word verification enabled?

  2. Awww so sweet about Zesty! I hope the hens will accept them soon. It's always so stressful when you integrate new chicks into the flock! I hate to watch it :(


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