Jun 1, 2013

My Chickens: Raced today/ Poor chick!

IT. WAS. SO. HOT. TODAY!  I had to get up eeeaarly to go run the Freihofer's Run.  It was ssoo deathly hot!! I finished in 29minutes38seconds, despite an embarrassing trip to the medical tent with the help of two race officials. :)

Ah.......the chickens only laid three eggs today. Wonder why.

Something really sad happened when I went to check on Cap's chicks.  One of the chicks had fallen from the nest and was on the floor!  It was hurt badly not to mention the fact that Zesty had stepped on it while she was pestering me. 
Its neck wasn't broken, so I returned it to the nest, hoping it would be okay.  But when I came back and looked in the nest, the chick was dead.   Poor Cap now has three chicks.  Hopefully the others will be okay.  Oh, and another bird(a house wren) is nesting in my bird house in the woods! I hope she hatches her chicks soon!
Well, bye! Here's some pictures of birds and chickens.
I just love this picture!


Some chubby chicks!
Not my chickens


  1. Oh no, poor Cap's chick! I do hope the others make it to fledglings, especially as their Guardian Angel is looking out for them x

  2. Sorry to hear of the little chick's slow death. I was reading it and hoping it was a case of wry neck. Poor little thing.

  3. So sorry to hear about Cap's chick. Nature can be cruel sometimes. I do love all the chicken photos you posted! And congrats on the race!


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