Jun 22, 2013

My Chickens: Zesty's got Feathers!/Moving the Hens.

Hurrah for new quills!! Zesty's feathers are GROWING back!!  Saw the little blue tips sticking out!

And, I never mentioned this, but....I'm moving.
Next week.

It will be pretty stressful for me and the hens and chicks.  I'll post more later....


  1. Yay!!! I have a girl who, due to a pecker, was bald but her feathers are growing back too!!! I always feel a bit chilly looking at bald chickens!

    Good luck with the move. Hope you and the gals don't suffer too much and all goes well xxxx

  2. Yay for new feathers! I have a girl inside right now and her back was bare, but I see some new quills on her. Moving is always very stressful - even more so with animals! But I hope your move is as stress free as possible.


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