Jun 23, 2013

My Chickens: Sad happening.

The new Phoebe nesting in Caps nest has been murdered.

I arrived to find all her eggs on the ground, smashed, and her dead in the yard.
I don't know what had happened, she didn't have a mark on her and wasn't mangled at all.
Maybe Cap killed her for some reason, if she didn't want a stranger in her nest.

Like before:
'The life of a wild animal always has a tragic end.'


  1. Oh no! That is so sad and very mysterious. I wonder what happened. The little birds I saw in my nest by my garage were gone earlier this week. One day they just weren't there anymore and they were so small, so I'm sure they didn't make it. Nature can be so cruel.

  2. Oh no!!! How sad, the same happened to me with a nest of wood pigeons, except I know magpies destroyed the nest.

    Yes, nature can be so very cruel :( x


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