Jun 13, 2013

My Chickens: Jeannie, Zesty, Half'n'half, and a Whole Lot of Toothpaste!

First of all, Jeannie is so much better and becoming a doll! She loves me and it is very difficult to keep her from jumping out of the hutch to get to me!  I'm trying to keep her calm so her head will have a chance to heal, but what can you do to stop an affectionate chick!?

Second, Half'n'half(see below) is really getting rough with Zesty!

She has pecked her way to the top of the pecking order and sees to it that Zesty(or anybody else)does not have the chance to challenge her position!  She is pecking every one, but the two Ameraucanas are getting the brunt of her attack.  The only hen she doesn't bother is Little Lady, her constant companion.
Both Zesty and Cranky have bald spots on their backs, but Zesty's is worse, extending from nearly her neck to her stump of a tail.   Cranky has a huge, beautiful tail still and I hope she keeps it!

To save Zesty from being reduced to bones, I took a tube of minty toothpaste and lathered it across her back and Cranky's.   Surprisingly, it works!   Chickens DO NOT LIKE TOOTHPASTE!!!
When Half'n'half, or Little Lady reach over for a good peck, they get a beak full of sticky, nasty, minty goo!


  1. Oh my gosh, the toothpaste is a genius solution! I had the same pecking problem a few years ago when I had only hens and no roosters. Most of the girls had totally bare backs and butts! They looked horrible.

    I'm so glad that Jeannie is doing better! It's so sweet that she loves you so much :)

  2. Wow, great tip!!! Much cheaper than anti-peck spray, that doesn't even work!

    I am so very pleased Jeannie is feeling better :) Our girls, they do worry us so! xxx

  3. now that's a pretty cool remedy!


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