Jun 22, 2013

My Chickens: Never mind, I'll post it now.

Sorry I haven't told you guys about my moving.
It will explain why I haven't been so up-to-date on your posts.

For your pet and yourself.  The chickens don't understand that they'll be suddenly whooshed across the globe to a strange new place they'll have to call home.

So I have to help them adjust.

As my followers know, my chickens grew up here and, in the chicks' case, hatched here.
I hate the idea of them being confused and/or sad.  "They're birds, for crying out loud."
But they have feelings!

If you guys, and girls, have any ideas of how to help my hens and chicks with the moving stress, Please Tell Me!!!!


  1. I have confidence in you that you will succeed in making the move very smooth for the chickens.:)

  2. Yes, birds have feelings too and can be stressed out! We've moved our chickens a couple times and it really went better than I thought it would. They didn't seem too stressed out and acted pretty normal right away. I'd say just spend as much time as possible with them when you're at the new place so they realize they are safe in their new home and you aren't leaving them!

  3. hope you and the chickens are feeling settled, now, but sounds like you've still got a lot of death and picking going on!


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