Apr 8, 2013

My Chickens: The Chick Dress-up Show.

 From the beginning of incubation I had wanted to dress up the chicks.  And now that they're out, I did just that. I cut out some soft felt into the shape of angel wings and a halo, then got Sally. Sally is the most tolerant chick and doesn't struggle. I slipped the stuff on her and took lots of pictures. She did look like an angel! Hee hee! The poor little chick doesn't even know what I put on her!---Ah, well. I'll show her the pictures some time.

Deadbirdie the angel. Isn't he quta?!

Next I made a bride outfit. I put that on Gracie, and then Sally.  They looked sooo pretty! 
I even tried the costums on the boys[?]!!  Ha!   Oh, well.  I've gotta go!

Soon I will write about The Chicks are getting Naughty!!

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