Apr 4, 2013

My Chickens: LOCKDOWN Peeps.

Sweetiepie, the first hatched.
I candled the eggs for the last time before closing Mr.Untrustfull for good. (Well, maybe not really for good, but you know what I mean.)  Day 21 came.....and went. No pips*. I was sure I had done something seriously wrong to make them not hatch. Day 22, I was siting at my desk beside the incubator thinking about the book I was reading, when PEEP!PEEP!    I nearly jumped out of my skin! It was the chicks! I dashed over and looked inside. Nothing? PEEP! They were peeping inside the eggs!  They were going to hatch!! I was so excited!
Later, there was a pip. Even later, another! I could hardly sleep with all that going on in there. 
Then, at 4:23am, I woke to the loudest peeping I'd ever heard. A chick had hatched! By 8:00am, day 23, another emerged.
By night fall, I had 5 chicks. I called them Deadbirdie, Deanie, Jackdaw, Gracie, and Sweetiepie. They were the most beautiful chicks I had ever seen.
Day 24, two more hatched. They were Sally Sussex and Clicket. Sally was a speckled Sussex.  Clicket had trouble breathing and died in the night. *moment of silence*  The rest were okay as far as I could tell. I love them all. I held them on my lap today while reading a blog about chicks. Well, I'd better go play with them. By!

*the chick's beak sticking out of the egg.

Soon I will write about....I don't know yet, but I'll think of something. :)   
I think I may start another blog, which doesn't mean I'm abondoning this one.

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