Apr 7, 2013

My Chickens: Crazy Chick Personalities!

Ah, I love those chicks! They are five days old today(all but Sally, she's four)and can eat and drink all by themselves! 
Sweetiepie is starting to take interest in the perches I put in their brooder. She leaps up and over the perch, but can't quite get her little feet to grasp it. Sally likes to pick on Gracie; she pecks her feet when she gets up and walks to the feeder. Gracie is quite tolerable and doesn't peck her back.  Deadbirdie II is as loafy and funny as the deceased Deadbirdie.
And Jackdaw......he is the cutest, funniest, sweetest, chick in the world!!! He runs after the feather I pull on a string, and stares at me when I fill the waterer.  He has dark shiny eyes like Sally, and black feathers like D.B.  He is my favorite!
Well, I love them all the same. They are so clever, and learning fast. 

The whole hatch!

Soon I will write about The Chick Dress-up Show.  Read this blog too!

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