Apr 24, 2013

My Chickens: Sorry Folks! The Virus Ate My Computer! / Dogs Again!

Save and sound.

To all my loyal readers,

I am sorry to report that my computer now has nine viruses. I will not be able to blog as much as I have been because I will have to use my local library's computer. At most I will blog once a week.
thank you for your understanding.

Your blogger, MADZ


Here's the post :)

The dogs came back. They did not chase the chickens, however, because they were in the coop at the time.  BUT they certainly terrified me!!  I, once again, scared them off, but I am calling their owner!!

Then today, Bluey layed another egg! Quite a beauty! This time I left it in the nest; I want to see if she will be broody and sit on it after she has collected a clutch. Maybe she can be my incubator! Gotta love that! The chicks are escape artists. they can get out no matter what! The box they're in is taped, covered, and reinforced, but STILL they escape!!  *Groan* Crazy chicks! I brought them out side for a while. They loved it and had a lot of fun! The other chickens pretended to ignore them, but they were very curious about them and hung around trying to get a good look at them without seeming to be interested. SO funny! Well, my computer time is up, gotta go!


  1. We too have lots of dog walkers going past our road to and find it very alarming to see the number of animals NOT on leads and allowed to wander into our yard!!

  2. Yikes, sorry about the computer virus! I think you should definitely talk to the owner of the dogs. It's too dangerous for them to be coming around your chickens! I'm glad you were able to take the chicks outside for a bit! When we have a really warm day, I want to take my girls out as well.


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