Apr 9, 2013

My Chickens: The Chicks are getting Naughty!

Oh, boy. Today Sweetiepie nearly jumped out of the box! I put some fence-ish stuff around the rim of the box so she can't get out. (Also, I did a quick vent test, and most of the chicks are girls, except maybe Gracie-er, Grayson?)
Jackdaw is so lovable! Those big beautiful eyes! (I guess it's a she-Jack:)  I had to add more fencing, as Sweetiepie kept trying! I let them run around the room, and I made sure they didn't have any 'accidents'.  They're pretty good at going in their box, which I just cleaned out and is already messy again! Ah, such dolls.
I made up a funny poem for Deadbirdie, but it's pretty long. I'll just put in the first part. It's called 'Quta*'( cute-ah ).
Deadbirdie is quta, he's quta to me.
Deadbirdie is quta, it's easy to see.
Deadbirdie is perfect, in every way.
Deadbirdie is perfect, it's easy to say.
Deadbirdie is friendly, he says hi with a peep.
Deadbirdie is friendly, blah blah blah.....
And so on. There is so much more, but who wants to hear my stupid poem any how?
*quta: a made-up word that means 'cuter than cute'.
Soon I will write about Big Big Chicks.

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  1. They do get naughty really quick! It's amazing how they can jump and fly up out of their brooder at such an early age. Definitely have to cover it or else keep an eye on them! I like your word quta :)


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