Apr 14, 2013

My Chickens: How Many Quail Hatched?

Zero.  What!?  You may be thinking, why none?   Well, it turns out the eggs were not fertilized after all. 
WHAT?!?!  Oh, shall I repeat that?  WERE NOT FERTILIZE AFTER ALL!!! 
I just found out today, when I candled them.
By now I should of seen a dark blob or something, but when I candled them eggs, every one of them, they were clear. Clearly empty.  Not even a dot.  Nothing. Zilch.  I'm a little more than a little disappointed.  NOTHING! NOTHING! NOTHING!    What a way to ruin someone's day.  That someone being me.  Also, the person who gave me the eggs was taking a wild guess that they were fertile.  They're no professional. Oh well. I never really wanted those quail anyway.
The chickens would of picked on them to death.  This is better for everyone. 
Better for everyone.

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  1. Oh gosh, I'm sorry! I bet that must have been so disappointing and frustrating. Maybe you can try again in the future :)


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